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League at Opening Day of the Legislature
President's Message
Education Committee Report (Mary Anne Raywid)
Welcome New Members
Honolulu LWV Budget for FY 2000-2001 (Arlene Ellis)
Galleria Threatens our Historic Downtown (Astrid Monson)
Clean Elections Legislation - Campaign Finance Reform (Laure Dillon)
New HEP Executive Director Appointed
Environmental Committee Report (Karen Ah Mai)
LWV Legislative Priorities 2000
Notice for LWV National Training Program

Notice for LWV National Training Program

The League of Women Voters of U.S. will conduct a regional training session March 3 - 5, 2000, in Scottsdale Arizona in setting up a Democracy Network Website for Candidate information – a voter guide. This will be a pilot program for all states. Our State Voter Service Chair Pearl Johnson will attend for Hawaii.

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