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Murder of Andrea (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
President's Message (Grace Furukawa)
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Correction - Gun Control
Important: Local Five Vote Count (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

Every now and then I like to remind our members how much we value their membership. Whether or not you can be active, you support League efforts by giving by being counted as a League member and by the revenues from your dues and contributions. Our busy and dedicated portfolio chairs and committees know that you are there to back them while they study issues and then follow up with legislation, testimony, and news articles. Your support is particularly valuable when you respond to our alerts to call your legislators asking them to support or oppose a specific bill. It is such an easy way to contribute! Everyone can usually reach for the phone and call their legislator.

Another way that members can contribute is through vote counts. Vote counts are fun, and many members who can't be active in other areas enjoy this important and social event. Vote counts are a crucial to collecting enough revenues to support administrative support and rent! The Vote Count coming on April 8 (see article on page 5) is particularly important as we are now operating on our capitol and need the revenues this large count can give us. We will need every available member at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce to spend most of the day – since this count has to be done all in one day. Please mark your calendar now and hold that day.

And periodically there is another special activity that you can do without any effort at all. Now is the time for one of these. Please tell your accountant to check off the $2.00 box for the Campaign Spending Trust Account on your state income tax form. This is the Fund that will be financing our public funding of campaigns for candidates – a critical effort for showing support for this campaign finance reform. AND please tell all your friends to do the same. This donation is not taken from your money but from the general fund. This is one of the most important ways you can support our year long effort on behalf of this most critical reform. Remember – this is the reform that makes all other reforms possible by taking special interest money out of politics.

As your president, let me thank you all again for all the things you do to make our League a significant force in the community

Grace Furukawa

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