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Trans 2K Update

Cheryl Soon briefed the OMPO Citizen's Advisory Committee on February 16 on the status of city transportation planning. The good news is that they are now emphasizing BUS RAPID TRANSIT! League and other anti-rail organizations offered this alternative to rail over ten years ago.

The presentation included many slides with explanations of why BUS RAPID TRANSIT is better than light rail, including less cost, great flexibility and no overhead wires. Some boarding platforms will be in the median strip of streets, raised to allow direct access, and new buses will also be lower. This will speed up access and egress. Asked if the platform would preclude rush hour traffic diversion (coning) on Kapiolani, the answer was "no". More information:

1) The draft EIS is done and being reviewed by state and federal transportation agencies. It should be out in a few weeks, depending on the length of their reviews.

2) The first batch of 30 new articulated buses will be delivered in March and will be on the road as soon as driver training is completed.

3) The Express bus from the University via Kapiolani is wildly successful. Monthly ridership is now at 100,000 (the feds use 60,000 as a measure of success). Starting at about 2000 a day, it had a big increase when the route extended to Pearlridge and is now at 6,200+ each day. It is planned to be extended further to Waipahu.

4) A new express bus system is planned for the Waikiki-Kalihi corridor, combining the #2 and #13 routes. In response to our questions, Cheryl said that we could expect every third or fourth bus to be an express. This route is expected to start in August 2000.

Jackie Parnell

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