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Who Killed the Clean Elections Bill and Why? (Laure Dillon)
President's Message (Pearl Johnson)
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Senate Seat Challengers Short-changed in 2002 Elections (Jean Aoki)

President's Message

I want to thank all of you for giving me the honor of leading this great organization. I must emphasize that I do consider it an honor in spite of the condolences offered by past presidents.

I love the League of Women Voters. I am proud to be a member of such a respected and effective organization.

When we monitored the District Court's handling of domestic violence cases in 1996, the Court stopped routinely giving batterers a clean slate if they just stayed out of court for a year. Unfortunately, the committee tells me there's been much backsliding but we're still hanging in there.

When a bunch of us respectable women posed for a picture used over and over again in full-page ads, we stood up for the civil rights of a minority in the last election.

For decades we have been among the few voices for the people who do not want our island covered with houses and businesses. Not only has our Planning and Zoning committee worked to keep Hawaii beautiful, its chair Astrid Monson has been an invaluable resource to all organizations devoted to keeping Hawaii green and beautiful.

My overriding goal is to produce a voters, guide this year. At the minimum we will place voter information on the Internet. If we cannot get the funding to print and distribute the information, newspapers and interested groups can get it from the Internet and distribute it as they wish.

Few people know that in 1998 we put on the internet a Board of Education voters guide which the Honolulu Weekly printed. We delivered two paper copies of the guide to each library. For most voters, our guide was the only source of information for those races.

This time, we'll do a better job of getting out the word. We'll be part of a nationwide effort to disseminate election information. Democracy Network will provide voters with election deadlines and dates and candidate information. Even more, it will allow candidates to present their positions on issues and help to reduce pressure on them to raise campaign funds. The latest Ka Leo Hana and the Dec 99/Jan 00 issue of National Voter (p.20) have more information. The web address is We need a web smart person to manage the site. Anyone interested in learning will be warmly welcomed.

Keeping a steady flow of income is important. This year we faced a big deficit until the Local 5 vote count. I want to do a study of vote counts across the state to locate our place on this scene.

When we know who pays and who gets paid and how much, we can figure out how we can regularize our work and income.

As you can see, the League offers many opportunities to make a difference. I think making a difference is the reason we all joined. I know you have only so much time to volunteer. I hope you will spend that time helping League to accomplish its important work. I have found great satisfaction in League work. I think you can, too.

Pearl Johnson

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