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Voters Guide for Primary Elections (Pearl Johnson)
Help Needed: Vote Count
President's Report: LWV National Convention (Pearl Johnson)
Personal Responsibility and the Law in Hawaii
Remembering Norman Meller (1913-2000)
Planning and Zoning: Hawaii Kai Rezoning (Pearl Johnson)
Roster Changes
Honolulu Board of Directors
Pay Our PMP with Tax Deductions

Pay Our PMP with Tax Deductions

We've just learned that we can save Honolulu funds by having our members send Education Fund (tax deductible) checks to us. We forward the checks to Washington and get credit on our Per Member Payment (PMP). Education Fund contributors get a tax deduction. Honolulu League in effect gets a contribution of the same amount by reducing our PMP. So if you've been contributing to the Ed Fund directly, please send to LWV Honolulu your check made payable to LWVEF.

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