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Personal Responsibility and the Law in Hawaii
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"Personal Responsibility and the Law in Hawaii"

A live broadcast on Channel 55, Friday, September 15, 2000, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

View a frank but friendly discussion of the present and changing effect of law upon Hawaii's people. It includes discussions of whether the legal system in some respects encourages the lack of personal and moral responsibility; the impact of tort and disability litigation upon Hawaii's businesses; possible creation of voter apathy in a legal system of increasing complexity; and predictions for the future, including suggested changes in the legal, financial, and political systems.

Panel participants will include:

  • Michael Broderick, Esq. Administrative Director, Hawaii State Judiciary;
  • David Louie, Esq. President, Hawaii State Bar Association; and others
  • Moderated by Robert J. LeClair, Department Chair and Professor, Legal Education Department, Kapiolani Community College

This program will be reaired at various times as part of a weekly series "You and the Law in Hawaii" that begins this fall.

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