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Planning and Zoning: Hawaii Kai Rezoning


Good morning. My name is Pearl Johnson from the League of Women Voters of Honolulu.

We are very concerned about the proposed rezoning for development of land in East Honolulu that is outside the Urban Growth Boundary established in the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan. This plan was adopted unanimously by the Council in May 1999. All parties agreed that the urban growth boundary established by the plan is sufficient to accommodate anticipated urban growth until 2020.

The League has always supported planning to guide growth rather than simply reacting to developers, proposals. Adoption of the community development plans is an important step in achieving this goal. To amend the plan just one year after its adoption makes a travesty of the planning process. It would constitute a breach of trust with the members of the public who gave many hours to participate in meeting and discussions, in the naïve belief that they were making a meaningful contribution to public policy. It would also set a precedent for casual and unjustified changes to other community development plans.

We respectfully request that the requested zone change be denied.

Pearl Johnson

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