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Voters Guide for Primary Elections (Pearl Johnson)
Help Needed: Vote Count
President's Report: LWV National Convention (Pearl Johnson)
Personal Responsibility and the Law in Hawaii
Remembering Norman Meller (1913-2000)
Planning and Zoning: Hawaii Kai Rezoning (Pearl Johnson)
Roster Changes
Honolulu Board of Directors
Pay Our PMP with Tax Deductions

Roster Changes

Elizabeth Adams
Evelyn Bender
David Takagi
Bernie Campbell
Maki Kuroda
Toni Worst

Welcome new members

Jean Cowden Hindman
T. Fairbanks
Donald C. Blaser
Helen K. Freyer


The following people have CONTRIBUTED to League
when they renewed their Membership:
Holly Hofer
Fay Ann Hill
Sumiye Konoshima
Edna Shoup
Eve Anderson
Chiye Wenkam and John Johemko

Wanted Desperately

Layout editor and/or desktop
publishing program such as
PageMaker for the LWV
Mac. Call Anna or Pearl

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