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Voters Guide for Primary Elections (Pearl Johnson)
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Voters Guide for Primary Elections

Honolulu League and the State Education Committee are working on a voters guide to the Board of Education for the September 23 primary election. It will be on the Internet on the Democracy Network at . We will also distribute paper copies to all libraries and invite interested organizations to download the guide and distribute it to their members.

The primary election guide is limited to the Board of Education because we do not have the time or resources to cover over 300 candidates in the primary. However, we will produce a complete voters guide for the November 7 general election. We are currently talking with MidWeek about including it in their paper.

Working on the voters guide presents an interesting volunteer opportunity to members. We need people to guide candidates through the process of using Democracy Network. Each volunteer will be responsible for 5 to 10 candidates. After the initial letter is sent, s/he will make follow-up calls as needed to get a reply.

There is an interactive aspect to Dnet which can best be understood by logging on to Candidates can post new issues to Dnet after answering League's questions. As new issues are brought up, the volunteer will call her/his candidates to alert them to post their positions on the new issue.

A volunteer training session will be held in late September. Call the office to offer help.

Pearl Johnson

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