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Environmental Committee Report

Focus on Energy/Focus on Water The Environment Committee is considering two critical issues affecting Oahu residents in the near future: alternate energy policy and the Board of Water Supply's Integrated Resource Plan. Both are important elements in the quality of life for the next generation.

IF YOUR POCKETBOOK WAS BITTEN BY THE GAS PUMP AND YOUR ELECTRIC BILL, WHAT IMPACT DID IT HAVE ON THE TOTAL POPULATION? With the abundance of opportunities for alternate energy sources in Hawaii, it is unclear why a more aggressive approach to moving away from oil-based energy has not been undertaken. Every increase in oil prices has severe consequences rippling beneath the surface of the economy. Most visible to individuals through gas pump prices and electric bills, the cumulative impact on the population is significant. The Environment Committee is looking for members who want to explore the fascinating world of the alternate energy technologies, their potential impact on quality of life on the island, and the development of a policy statement for the Honolulu League based on the findings.

WILL THE COST OF WATER TRIPLE WITHIN THE NEXT 5-10 YEARS? Keep watching the Board of Water Supply's Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process. The BWS has already indicated that a brackish water delivery system, supplementing the drinking water grid, will be needed in the future. How will the needs of Kapolei and other West Oahu developments be sustained? What is the cost of delivery system for re-used water? Add that to the aging infrastructure characterized by frequent breakdowns and the stage is set for major increases in the cost of water. The Environment Committee is also looking for members interested in crystallizing the issues, assessing the alternatives, and setting the foundation for a future Honolulu League policy statement. This promises to be a can of worms as we revisit the Waiahole-Waikaae controversy and discuss how water issues affect the entire island.

Please see Karen Ah Mai, chair of the Environment Committee, if you want to be part of the exploration teams on these issues.

Karen Ah Mai

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