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League Comments on the "Major Investment Study/Draft Environmental Impact Statement of the Primary Corridor Transportation Project"

The League submitted comments to the Department of Transportation regarding a new proposal for transportation management. The Transportation Committee reviewed the "Major Investment Study/Draft Environmental Impact Statement of the Primary Corridor Transportation Project" and submitted comments - beginning by commending the Department of Transportation Services on its public outreach program for the proposed transportation plan. The time Department Director, Cheryl Soon took to meet with the committee to discuss the proposal was noted with appreciation.

We noted that the Bus Rapid Transit Plan is a well-thought-out solution to Honolulu's future transportation problems that will give people a viable alternative to automobiles. However, it is the League's opinion that the people of Honolulu need considerably more time to understand the impacts of in-town dedicated bus lanes before this concept can be implemented. We think people need to he exposed to this concept, and discuss it thoroughly before they can perhaps embrace it. Even though the City did have an excellent outreach program, the vast majority of the public is probably unaware of the City's intention to implement dedicated bus lanes in 2001.

For the near future the League believes that the Transportation System Management alternative, the hub-and-spoke bus network, should be fully implemented with its highway improvements. Since the Pearlridge and Middle Street and other transit centers have not yet been built, we feel that the system should be completed and given a reasonable operational period to he evaluated.

We would like to see a Development Plan for the Primary Urban Center (PUC) in place before construction of center-lane transit stops and dedicated bus lanes. Exploration and discussion of the BRT concept in the context of completing the PUC Development Plan would seem to be appropriate. We would expect that the many PUC Neighborhood Boards that have expressed concern about the intensive development in the August 1999 draft PUC Development Plan would also support this idea. The adoption of a new Development Plan should precede the construction of transit stations and other facilities in the in-town area of the PUC.

The League is heartened by the City's commitment to an enhanced bus system and looks forward to continuing discussions with you on proposals to expand and improve it.

Charles Carole

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