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President's Message

The election is over! Can I relax now?

Voter Service has been all consuming since I returned from my Earthwatch expedition in July. Producing a Board of Education voters guide for the September 23 primary and placing all the statements on the Internet was an exhausting learning experience. Karen Ah Mai (who spent many hours putting up our structure within the Democracy Network site) and I longed to cover at least the state legislative races in the general election.

But an examination of the Advertiser's Voters Guide and a realistic look at our resources made us decide to stick with the Board of Education and add only the constitutional amendments. We decided that the Advertiser guide was good enough to help voters make informed choices and that the League's contribution would be to see that people who don't buy the newspaper could have access to their guide. Jim Kelly at the Advertiser agreed to give us 500 copies.

On November 2, the date of publication, five Leaguers took copies to all Oahu libraries, including Waianae, Waialua and Kahuku. For those who don't frequent the libraries, Foodland agreed to make the guides available. Our thanks go to Luree Hays, Jean Hindman, Anna Hoover, Kay Linn and Lorraine Muramoto who delivered the guides to the libraries.

I hope many of you got a look at our web site, www.dnet.org. It contained even more information than our printed voters guides.

Hawaii Public Radio proposed partnering with the League to cover the elections. Mary Anne Raywid, chair of the state education committee, and I appeared on Town Square just before the primary and the general elections to talk about the Board of Education. We may have a talk show team going.

We have our program-planning meeting to look forward to on December 2 at the Hale Koa Hotel. Also Bob Rees will talk about the election and liberalism. Please be thinking about what you would like the League to do in the coming year. Pearl Johnson

Pearl Johnson

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