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Committee Reports


To gauge the impact of removing two lanes from some major streets of Honolulu, the City is being asked to conduct a demonstration project coning off two lanes for express buses along Ala Moana Blvd, Kapiolani Blvd and University Ave. City Council Resolution 280 requested the Department of Transportation Service to conduct the test of this important part of the Bus rapid Transit System. The City Administration should consider this coning off to measure the actual impact of proposed changes to existing traffic-flow patterns before the actual system implementation. The Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus and Ala Moana/Kakaako Neighborhood Boards have endorsed this resolution because of the possible bottlenecks and gridlock that might accompany the loss of two lanes on the above-mentioned streets. The LWV also supports this resolution. Unfortunately, the Council Transportation Committee hasn't scheduled a hearing on the resolution in the last three months.

The City Council passed Resolution 00-29 CD1 establishing the bus farebox recovery ratio between 27% and 33% of the annual adjusted operating cost of bus system. Remaining cost would be funded with the City's highway and general funds. In 1998-99 fiscal year, the City funded about $74 million from the general funds to cover the adjusted operating cost of the bus system. We can expect an increase in fares shortly.


The City Council is considering Bill 86 (2000) CD1 which will permit the Director of the Dept. of Planning and Permitting to grant a conditional use permit for elderly (minimum 60 years old) housing. The permit will allow 25% increase in the maximum density in the zoning district, an increase in the maximum height permitted in the zoning district, and a reduction in off-street parking requirements. A copy of the bill can be obtained from the Council Office for more specifics. The LWV is monitoring the bill.

Charles Carole

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