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President's Message

Membership in the League of Women Voters is declining - not only in Hawaii but all over the nation. It seems to be part of a long-term trend written about and discussed by observers of our social scene.

But the League still has a vital role to play in our state and our nation. We must continue to keep close watch on our government to make sure it performs fairly, efficiently and lawfully. At our planning meeting on December 2, several issues on which League can assume leadership were brought up. We can keep the public informed and perhaps influence the direction of the decisions soon to be made.

Our environment chair Karen Ah Mai pointed out that if League were to study water and energy now, in 3 to 5 years we could have strong positions without having to rely on other groups for information.

Another area where League can play an important role is on Hawaiian issues. We can inform ourselves and the general public on the many facets of sovereignty, the Akaka bill, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs after the Rice/Cayetano ruling, etc.

Detailed results of the 2000 Census will be announced in the spring in time for redistricting to take place. Ten years ago, the League opposed an undemocratic proposal of not counting people less than 18 years of age when the size of a district was decided. Redistricting of the State House and Senate and the City Council this time will require diligent monitoring by the League.

Honolulu League has long focused on planning and zoning. Unfortunately, Astrid Monson, who chaired the P & Z committee for decades, cannot long be actively involved because of health problems. The numerous activities of Astrid's co-chair, Michelle Matson, have forced her to relinquish the chair. So Honolulu League has been quiet on the planning front for a few months. Much to my delight Charles Carole has agreed to assume the role of Planning Committee chair. We look forward to working with him.

As you can see, the League of Women Voters has much to do. I hope you can help. Ask a friend to join. Bring someone to a meeting.

Pearl Johnson

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