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Suggested Programs for Adoption at April Annual Meeting

At the December program planning meeting several issues considered worthy of member interest were presented. This annual meeting is when we decide the studies or action we wish to address during the coming year.

This is a grassroots organization. You are the grassroots. Come to the morning session and speak your piece - for or against any presentation.

While the Board is not recommending any new studies the following focus for continued action and emphasis is recommended.

A Proposal to the LWV of Hawaii by the LWV of Honolulu


At the December 2000 League Planning Meeting, members responded enthusiastically to Environmental Committee Chair Karen Ah Mai's request for help in addressing critical water and energy decisions facing Oahu. At a subsequent meeting of the Honolulu Board, it was suggested that land use development issues are inseparable from water development and should be addressed concurrently. Further discussion resulted in a decision that League members must become informed about our positions on land use, water and energy. Although these issues are of great importance on Oahu, they are also of statewide significance so the focus could be made from the state level.

Research subsequent to the Board meeting revealed that the state has a position on "Natural Resources" which is specific to land use, and on Energy. There is no state position on water issues. The natural resources-land use position was adopted in January 1973 and the energy position in June 1976. Both position statements are still valid but do not acknowledge major changes that have taken place since then, e.g., the transformation of the Land use Commission from a regulatory body to a quasi-judicial one as a result of court decisions and the increase in powers of county governments. The importance of water availability as a determinative factor in land use decisions is also not addressed. The Energy position does not need an update as much as it needs action since little has changed or improved since it was adopted.

Proposal for adoption

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu requests the State League to direct a focus on State League's positions on Natural Resources, Land Use, and Energy and furthermore to direct the Honolulu League to assist them in developing background information with an eye to action.


It is important for all citizens of Hawaii to be informed about ongoing Hawaiian issues. Therefore, at the request of the December 2000 Honolulu Planning Meeting, the Board of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu suggests we conduct a series of educational gatherings about current Hawaiian topics.

Proposal for adoption

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu requests that periodic informational meetings be held regarding outstanding Hawaiian issues.

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