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Voter Service Proposal

At the April membership meeting, Dorothy Cornell suggested a voter project for the League. Please call the office to tell us how you feel on this issue. Here is her brief:

Three states allow incarcerated prisoners to vote. I learned this in the last issue of 'National Voter. The present law in Hawaii is that a released prisoner regains his right to vote.

Starting in the 80s I spent 12 years as a literacy tutor in several of the local prisons. I volunteered to work in the prisons because it seemed reasonable to me that a man who learned to read might be less likely to mug little old ladies when he got out.

In the early 90s, while doing petitioning, I came to realize how many are out of touch with current politics, especially the young. That led me to start working with Hawaii Clean Elections Coalition.

I believe these two subjects could coalesce for me in working to have Hawaii join Maine, Utah, and Vermont in allowing incarcerated prisoners to vote. If the men and women in prison spent some time in deciding for whom they were going to vote, it couldn't help but make them feel more a part of the community, and that feeling can reduce recidivism.

I am planning to contact all our legislators before the next session, and also the County Clerk, the Public Safety Department, and the Election Commissioner. I will be able to have with me an exprisoner from two organizations that I'm connected with. A nice young graduate student will probably be able to help me in checking the laws, depending on his schedule.

At this moment in history, it is a big plus that it won't cost the state anything.

Dorothy Cornell

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