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President's Message

For the second time in 13 months, I represented Hawaii at a national League of Women Voters gathering in Washington, D.C. This time it was the LWVUS Council 2001 while last year it was the National Convention. Visiting my sons living in D.C. made my attendance possible.

The Convention delegates last year voted to study US drug policy, even though the LWVUS Board did not recommend the study. Then early this year the LWVUS Board recommended that the LWVUS Council drop the drug study. Reversing a Convention action requires a 60% majority of Council delegates.

My personal opinion was that we needed to do the drug study. To my surprise and dismay, I was in a small minority. The vote was 69 to drop, 15 to do the study.

Doris Shapiro, League's longtime observer at the United Nations, informed us that any League member can attend the Thursday morning briefings at the UN. If you plan to be in New York City, call the office to make arrangements. The League's ties to the UN go back to its beginnings when LWV was a member of the UN Charter Commission.

The symposium on Trade and Developing Countries was on the last day, June 11. The first two speakers, both male, took opposing views of the value of free trade. The third, a woman, said that the poor bear the costs of free trade while corporations reap the benefit. She pointed out that 80% of the world's poor are women. When asked if it's better to have even a miserable job than starve, she replied that creating those jobs is not the way to a better life.

One of the pervading concerns at Council was: Will the League celebrate 100 years? Will we still be around in 2020? The answer was: Not if we don't get new members. Throughout the 3 days of Council, Leaguers from all around the country were eager to share their successes in recruiting members.

Like the Leagues in the rest of the country, Honolulu needs your help by encouraging your friends to join League.

Pearl Johnson

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