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Reapportionment Policies Set

At the June 28th meeting of the Reapportionment Commission, certain decisions were made that will allow the technical staff to begin work on redistricting.

Single-member districts will be drawn for both the House and the Senate using the total population excluding non-resident students and non-resident military personnel. In a departure from previous years, felons will be counted as will non-resident military dependents. It was argued that the children of military personnel do attend our schools, and many of the adult military dependents hold jobs in our community. Besides, it is claimed that it is difficult to get an accurate count of these dependents to delete them from the count.

There was testimony against the inclusion of aliens (they were included in the 1991 base) on the grounds that only citizens should determine the policies of the state. Also, it was claimed that the inclusion of aliens who are concentrated in certain areas such as downtown would unfairly impact redistricting in areas such as East Oahu and native Hawaiian communities. The representatives to the legislature from those areas would be representing more eligible voters than the representatives from areas with a higher number of aliens

I testified for their inclusion because legal aliens are taxpayers, and since we do welcome them to reside here, they will need to be represented at the legislature whether they may vote or not. One commissioner pointed out that aliens are potential voters, because many of them are in the process of qualifying for citizenship. The vote was 7 to 1 against their exclusion, with one commissioner absent.

We have always maintained that our representatives in the legislature must represent all of us whether we are voters, registered voters, or non-voters. In 1991, League argued successfully for the inclusion of minors when that commission, at first , excluded minors from the population base.

Redistricting Web Site

Follow the Action on the Reapportionment Commission web site, Beginning July 5 or soon after, you can follow the redistricting work in progress on this web site. Information will change almost daily as the work progresses. This site provides the capability to make minor edits to the plan and help you to do your own redistricting maps.

Aside from all that, the adopted rules, minutes of the meetings, laws governing reapportionment, and more will be available at that web site.

Jean Aoki

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