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League Concurrence on Trade

In February 2002, each member of the League of Women Voters will be asked to concur with a revised position on trade. What does this mean? League's positions are determined only after serious study. Revising a position also requires serious study.

The LWV is offering various ways for members o participate in the update:

By internet First read the article on trade in the Dec/Jan 2001 National Voter and go to the suggested web sites. Then join the online discussion list. LWVUS runs a group of lists that are open to all members across the country. The provides a forum for members interested in the update of our position on Trade. This list is the place to: (1) discuss the articles and survey questions on trade that will appear in upcoming issues of the National Voter; (2) comment on trade-related events in the news; (3) recommend interesting resources-books, newspaper/ magazine articles, websites; and (4) discuss plans for our League's concurrence meeting on trade in January-February 2002.

By reading and mail Read the National Voter articles on Trade and send in answers to surveys in the magazine, either by mail (or on the LWVUS website). The current June/July issue contains questions on labor, political, religious and human rights. The March/April survey addressed the intersection of trade and environmental concerns. Two surveys in the September/October issue will cover trade impact on developing countries and governance issues including sovereignty.

By attending a meeting To participate responsibly in this concurrence, please read the National Voter articles on trade, answer the surveys, attend our local meeting on trade planned for this winter, and submit the upcoming concurrence form from the Dec 2001/Jan 2002 National Voter.

In planning our local meeting, what format would you prefer? Speaker? Informal discussion sessions on the survey questions? Please call 531-7448 with your ideas and preferences.

Pearl Johnson

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