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President's Message

We are continuing our fight for open space by testifying against Castle and Cooke's attempts to put thousands more houses in Central Oahu. Elsewhere in the Voter is the testimony we presented to the Land Use Commission on October 18 concerning Koa Ridge.

The City Council may give the final approval needed for adding 826 homes to Mililani Mauka on 104 acres zoned for public facilities. We testified that public facilities land is not easy to come by. This land could be utilized for a medical facility which is being used as an urgent reason to approve Koa Ridge. The two major dailies and Central Oahu's Ka Nupepa published our letter opposing the project.

Please join this effort by testifying before the Land Use Commission. Go to the web site for instructions on how, when and where to testify. Or call the League office at 531-7448.

Pearl Johnson

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