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Do You Concur? LWVUS asks for your opinion

This is your only chance to have a say about our national position statement.

The League of Women Voters of the United States is completing a process of updating its position on world trade. Each individual member is being asked to concur with the updated position by March 2002 - not at a meeting but directly to the National office.

Why are we updating our trade position now? The League's position on world trade has long been one of support for measures that expand rather than restrict trade. From the 1930s through the 1980s, the League played an active role in promoting major new trade initiatives and in countering protectionist measures. More recently, however, the League has not taken action on key trade proposals (e.g., NAFTA, creation of the World Trade Organization, fast-track authorization in the 1990s) because of uncertainty about members' views about how to reconcile trade liberalization with the League's environmental and human/labor fights goals.

The LWVUS convention 2000 adopted a process to update the trade position. A task force of state and local League representatives has been working with the LWVUS Board and staff to guide the update process.

Now your input is imperative!

Why go to individual members? This allows all members to participate fully in the update process whether they can attend meetings or not.

To read up on this issue check the National Voter articles and opinion questionnaires published during the past year. Or, for the computer friendly, there is information at

The Dec 2001/Jan 2002 National Voter issue contains the new updated position as well as the concurrence response form. You are asked if you agree with the wording and whether you like this method of position taking. You respond by mail, fax or online. The postmark deadline is March 18, 2002.

To respond online, go to the Members Only Trade Update section of the LWVUS website . IMPORANT This is restricted to LWV members and you must have the code words: use lwv as user name and carriecatt as password. The deadline is March 22, 2002.

Many of us have not received the December/January National Voter so an executive summary of the new position is provided in this Voter.

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