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For All Our Members

Every now and then we, on the Board, need to remember to thank all our members for their continued support over the years. Some feel because they cannot be active for one reason or another that they should drop League membership. But that is the last thing they should do. Every member is needed for a head count, for their dues, for their support of the League programs. There are many reasons why various members cannot be active, and we understand and appreciate that. It has happened to all of us at one time or another. Activity in League floats in and out. But we need to keep in contact. League can give insights on many issues current in Hawaii that are not heard otherwise.

THERE IS ONE THING EVERY MEMBER CAN DO THAT HELPS LEAGUE ENORMOUSLY, AND TAKES VERY LITTLE EFFORT - WHEN THERE IS AN ALERT TO CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR OR COUNCILMEMBER ABOUT AN IMPORTANT ISSUE, YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. After reapportioned districts are redrawn and the 2002 election is over, we will keep you informed about who your new elected officials are and their phone numbers.

We keep in touch with you through the e-mail address or phone number you give. In light of this we ask another important favor - PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AT 531-7448 AND LET US KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF ADDRESS, PHONE OR E-MAIL.

Again Mahalo for all your support,

Grace Furukawa,
Membership Co-chair

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