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Planning Committee Report

The State Land Use Commission began its hearings on the Castle & Cook petition to redistrict 1,250 acres from Agricultural District to Urban District in September 2001. Between September and December 2001, Castle & Cooke, the City's Department of Planning & Permitting and the State Office of Planning have testified on this petition. Sierra Club & Mililani Neighborhood Board testified against the petition in January 2002.

The approval of this petition will reclassify 1,250 acres of mostly prime agricultural land to urban for Castle & Cook's massive Koa Ridge development to permit 7,200 houses sprawling on the remaining open space between Pearl City and Mililani.

Sierra Club and Mililani Neighborhood Board stressed the following issues and concerns. No more development of prime agricultural land should be allowed, especially when diversified agricultural is the fastest growing industry in the state. The Koa Ridge project jeopardizes existing groundwater supplies by reducing recharge and intercepting water that would otherwise flow to City wells. Traffic is already a nightmare along HI/H2 and with additional population from the 7,200 housing units the project will intensify the nightmare. Additional housing is not needed since nearly 13,000 units of housing have already been approved, but not built in Central Oahu.

Charles Carole

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