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President's Message

The City Council considers many issues in which Leaguers are deeply interested. I want to encourage each League member to pick one or two bills to follow and perhaps prepare testimony urging passage or defeat. We are fortunate in having a Council with a very open process. The proceedings are even broadcast gavel to gavel on Olelo.

Preparing testimony is the hardest part. Call the office (531-7448) to see if there is a League position supporting your outlook. If so, we will help you prepare testimony that supports the League position. We can also give guidance on preparing testimony for items not within the League's positions.

Testifying is only one of the ways you can get involved in city government. Telephoning councilmembers urging passage or defeat of a particular bill before it comes to a vote is an easy, effective action. A letter to the editor of any or all of our newspapers can bring attention to your bill.

I hope you will pay close attention to the City Council and pick an issue to work on. We also would like to enlist official City Council observers to attend all meetings so the elected officials know we are paying attention and to alert League leaders about pending League issues.

Pearl Johnson

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