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President's Message

I love the ocean. For 18 years, I lived inland and going to the ocean was a joyous but infrequent excursion. Having experienced that deprivation, I find our beautiful coast all the more precious.

That's why Chip Fletcher's "Beach Manifesto" in a November Honolulu Weekly became a call to action for me. Fletcher, a UH Manoa authority on coastal processes, decries the disappearance of beaches due to the building of sea walls. He says seawalls have destroyed 25 percent of Oahu beaches over the last 50 years.

I want the League to fight for our coast and Jackie Parnell, our environment chair, agrees. She showed me a report, "Hawaii Coastal Erosion Management Plan (COEMAP)" written by Sam Lemmo, of the state Coastal Lands Program. This plan acknowledges the complexity of the problem but outlines some steps which can be taken immediately to improve erosion management, as well as long term legislation and zoning changes to protect the coast.

By the time you read this the Environment Committee will have met with Lemmo to discuss what the League can do to help in the fight for our coast. If this project interests you, call the office and join us.

Pearl Johnson

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