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Vote Today - Vote No in One Puka

Today is the day to register our opinions about the proposed LWVUS position on world trade. Information about the trade issue and the concurrence process is in the last few National Voters. The December/January issue contains the whole statement for us to support or not accept. We must participate.

I am particularly interested in the place on the form where we register our opinion about the method of member agreement. I urge you to send back a NO.

Trade is a very important and complex issue. It is also a very interesting conversation topic. One of the strengths of the League is its grassroots method of position taking. But, this time the National LWV presented short articles, solicited comments, and encouraged computer conversation but we missed a major step in our process - the local face-to-face sharing of ideas and a chance to persuade others to see various points of view.

While there was no prohibition on local leagues conducting informational meetings, there was little material available to structure a local discussion.

To participate, fill out the form on page 10 of the Dec 2001/Jan 2002 National Voter. This can be mailed or faxed. Or, to respond online, go to the Members Only Trade Update section of the LWVUS website www.lwv.org/members/tradeupdate.html . Important: this is for members only and you must have the code word: use lwv as the user name and carriecatt as the password.

Find your National Voter or dial up the LWVUS web site and tell our national board what you think.

Anna Hoover

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