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President's Message

Last month, I wrote of my new mission to protect our coast. As usually happens when one delves more deeply into a subject, whole new aspects appear. What does "accretion" mean to you?

We know that sea walls built to "protect" beach property result in the disappearance of the beach in front of the wall. However, the ocean also builds beaches, resulting in accretion. Naturally the public uses this accreted beach as the ocean is building it. However, the owner of the land abutting the accreted beach can now claim it as private property after it has been in place for 20 years. So, after 20 years of public use, accreted beaches are being claimed by private landowners.

On Kailua Beach, a new row of homes has been built on accreted land since 1925, thus putting homes and people directly in the path of possible erosion. If the accreted land had remained public, the original shorefront homes would be buffered from erosion by 120 feet of beach and Kailua Beach would be 120 feet wide.

Coastal protection bills most likely to pass the Legislature this year are HB2266 and SB2008. Both have crossed over and opponents are now arising to kill these bills. Under these bills, only the State can claim these accreted lands. Beaches that have been used by the public for decades could no longer be claimed as private property. Of course, the abutting landowner will still have free access to the beach as a member of the public.

Please call your Senator and Representative, as well as House and Senate leadership to urge support of these bills.

Pearl Johnson

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