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The League Comments on the City's Proposed Transit Plan

The City's proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system reaches from Kapolei to the Primary Urban Center of Honolulu. BRT will use priority or dedicated lanes, special access ramps on existing roads and freeways and special bus stops.

The out of town portion starts in Kapolei and goes to Middle Street along H I using express buses with transit centers, park and ride, local street bus priority, a zipper lane for the am/pm peak traffic, and special ramps. The in town BRT uses electrically powered or hybrid diesel/ electric buses partially on exclusive lanes starting from Middle Street going along Dillingham Blvd. to Hotel Street and into Waikiki. See the map.

Facts and figures heard about the proposal: The number of cars prevented from using streets along the route from 5 am to 7 pm includes Dillingham - 15,227 cars, Kapiolani - 20,252 cars, Ala Moana Blvd - 19,096 cars. BRT/buses will be carrying 20% of the total work trips during the peak hours. BRT increases person-carrying ability in the Urban Core by 11%. Projected ridership for the year 2025 is 336,700 per day, representing 50,000 new riders over the No-Build alternative and 40,200 new riders over the TSM alternative. This is a 72% increase over 2001 transit ridership. Estimated travel time gains include downtown to Kapolei - 9 minutes, downtown to Waikiki - 1 minute, downtown to UH-Manoa - 9 minutes and downtown to Kalihi - 1 minute.

The Honolulu board discussed the City's proposal and arrived at the following statement quoted from the League's comments on the EIS.

The League did not come to an agreement on the Bus Rapid Transit Plan. However, we believe that the first segment from Iwilei to Waikiki should be implemented and carefully evaluated before proceeding.

We would like to see a Development Plan for the Primary Urban Center (PUC) in place before construction of center-lane transit stops and dedicated bus lanes. Exploration and discussion of the BRT concept in the context of completing the PUC Development Plan would seem to be appropriate. The adoption of a new Development, Plan should precede the construction of transit stations and other facilities in the in-town area of the PUC.

The League is heartened by the City's commitment to an enhanced bus system and looks forward to continuing discussions with you on proposals to expand and improve it.

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