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President's Message (Pearl Johnson)
League Comments on City's Proposed Transit Plan
Astrid Monson Spoke Out for LWV (Helen Griffin)
New Officers
Environment Committee Meeting
Voter Service Committee Begins Projects (Nikki Love)
Welcome New Members

Welcome New Members

Lisa Keala Carter (reinstated)
Millicent C. Darby
Nora S.Lutche
Sylvia A. Nielson
Ray Scheele (household member with Mary Anne Raywid)
Susan E. Stahl


Astrid Monson
Marilyn Bornhorst
Opal Sloane
Trudy Zelko

LWV - Honolulu

President - Pearl Johnson
Vice President - Karen Ah Mai
Secretary - Robin Loomis
Treasurer - Annie Kim
Editor - Anna Hoover

Our new email address is voters@macrev.com
The email address on the front page of our March issue is missing a crucial "s"

"Being powerful is like being a lady,
if you have to tell people you are, you aren't"

- Margaret Thatcher

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