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September 2002 - Know Your Candidates

President's Message
Annie Kim Honored at a Festive Luncheon
Voter Service League's Fall Priority
City Council Questionnaire to Be Sent to All Candidates
Honolulu League Participates in National Online Voter Information Service
Candidate Information
Box Lunch Meeting
So What Happened to All That Water We Thought We Had?
Planning Committee Report (Charles Carole & Pearl Johnson)

Box Lunch Meeting

Let's all talk about the election over box lunches. Come to the office at 11:30 am on Friday, August 9, and exchange ideas and opinions on politics, the upcoming elections and whatever else is on your mind.

For $4.00, Mr. Goodburger will deliver delicious meatless sandwiches in any of 6 flavors: Cajun chicken, barbecue pork, beef, tofu, vegetable or chili. Drinks will be provided. So call the office (531-7448) to tell us you're coming and what flavor burger you want.

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