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Honolulu League Participates in National Online Voter Information Service
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Planning Committee Report (Charles Carole & Pearl Johnson)

Honolulu League Participates in National Online Voter Information Service

The League is participating in the DemocracyNet (DNet). New Maui member, Andrea Dean, is coordinating this huge effort. Dnet allows candidates to post their picture, biography, email address, campaign contact information, website, endorsements, issue statements, comments on other candidates' views and campaign calendar events on the DNet web site.

DNet ( is the preeminent source of voter information on the Web. The service is unique in that it allows candidates to decide which issues to address, write their own issue statements, and edit or update these materials at any time-all without editorial intervention. DNet provides the platform and tools. Candidates upload their content directly into DNet.

Polls show that increasing numbers of Americans are using the Internet to obtain election information, and that regular Internet users have a high propensity for voting. Voters want unbiased information in an easily accessible place, and the League believes that DemocracyNet provides exactly what these voters are looking for.

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