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President's Message

The election is almost upon us! What will be the League's mission this time?

Because of term limits, the City Council will have no longterm incumbents running for reelection. With so many new faces in the races, the Honolulu Board has decided we will cover the City Council election. That means we send to all candidates letters asking them questions and put their replies on the national website , on our own website and in this Voter.

But what about the Board of Education? Those races have been the focus of the League's efforts in the past two elections because so little information was available in the media. Eight seats will be up for election this year.

And what about the State Legislature? Because of the 2000 Census, every seat is to be decided this year. Oahu has 18 senators and 35 representatives. We can cover all these races only if at least 6 volunteers miraculously appear. Shall we cover only a few races? Which ones?

Also on the ballots are both Representatives to the US Congress and the Governor's contests which are amply covered by the media. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has five seats up for election.

As you can see, we must decide how much we can do. Choices must be made for our limited resources. I hope you will come to the box-lunch meeting on Friday, August 9, at 11:30 at the office. The cost is just $4.00. Free if you bring your own lunch.

Honolulu League is again assisting Olelo community access television in producing Candidates in Focus. This project gives all candidates for all Oahu offices an opportunity to present their message on television, unedited. We are helping Olelo schedule the candidates' taping sessions and providing guides to help the candidates through the taping sessions.

Volunteers are needed for 4-hour shifts, Tuesday through Satur-day, from August 5 through 24. Taping will be from I 1 am to 8 pm. Please call the office (531-7448) if you can help. Training will be provided.

Pearl Johnson

LWV- Honolulu

President - Pearl Johnson
Vice President - Jackie Parnell
Secretary - Robin Loomis
Treasurer - Malia Schwartz
Editor - Anna Hoover
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