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Planning Committee Report (Charles Carole & Pearl Johnson)

Voter Service League's Fall Priority


A state League committee is assisting 'Olelo in its "Candidates Debate" program. Candidates for various elected offices will be invited to participate in one-hour debates that will be broadcast live beginning September 3 on Oceanic Channel 54 after the 6:30 News.

'Olelo has set aside 44 weeknights for this program. The debates will be moderated by Bob Rees.

On July 25 after the complete candidates list was published, Grace Furukawa, Malta Schwartz, Dorothy Cornell, Pearl Johnson and Jean Aoki met with Bob Rees and representatives from 'Olelo to select the possible races to be featured in the debates and to discuss the format and the order of the races. The Lieutenant Governors races, Democrats and Republicans separately, and the more competitive legislative and Honolulu City Council races were selected. As time permits, we will be including the Board of Education candidates.

If anyone would like to suggest questions for the different races, please call the League office, 531-7448.

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