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Hawaii Clean Elections

If we think it is difficult to persuade the public to understand the adverse effect of gambling on citizens, it is even harder to convince people, particularly legislators, that financing election campaigns with tax money is cost effective. It seems an oxymoron. The cost of hidden tax breaks, tax deferred ventures, of additional cost of construction by contractors that add what they give to candidates and public officials to our bill, etc. is way over the cost of paying for these campaigns up front. These special interests use campaign contributions as an investment and often see a 100% return in benefits. Sometimes it is easier to see when it is the federal government rather than the state government. For instance the drug companies get a pay back in any delays in government Medicare drug benefits, in laws that get passed that extend the time before a company has to allow a generic form of their drug on the market.

Hawaii Clean Elections will again try to get a bill passed to allow full public funding on a voluntary basis for some offices like the Senate or House. Full public funding means that the candidate will accept no money from any other source and will limit spending.

So members, when the call goes out to get in touch with your legislators, please do call them in support. In the meantime - ask every candidate you meet to support this idea. Let's make it a campaign issue. We must get the special interests out of the government.

Grace Furukawa

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