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Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling is gearing up for the next attack in favor of legalizing gambling in the Legislature. This year the focus will probably be a lottery, given the outspoken urging by candidate D.G. Anderson for education funded by a lottery. In all but one jurisdiction using lottery as a financial source for education, the money the government would have spent on education is removed from previous funding sources and only the gambling money, sporadic at best, is designated for education. In California, promises were made that a lottery would avoid raising taxes for education - and the final results were the ills of gambling and the taxes were raised anyway.

People's understanding about the adverse effects of the various forms of gambling is woefully lacking. The public tends to think that only a few people are affected negatively and that the money would help the state in many ways. But, those "few" addicted and problem gamblers affect us the same way as drug addiction - by burglary, domestic violence, disruption of the family, by stealing from employers etc. Business has finally realized that fact. The Business Round Table this year has joined forces with us against legalized gambling.

We can't help wondering – if government promotes gambling, who polices the government? Bringing gambling into the state to solve our economic woes is like bringing the mongoose in to get rid of the rats. Everyone knows how that turned out.

Part of a public education effort will be a conference during Women's Health Week in September. The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling is sponsoring the conference at the Central Union Church on September 28, Saturday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM with a lunch. A special mailing will be coming and you can sign up to attend. The name of the Conference is GAMBLING, A BAD BET FOR HAWAI'I'S FAMILIES.

Grace Furukawa

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