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President's Message

Right after July 23, the filing deadline for candidates, the office of the League of Women Voters became quite busy. Once we knew who was running, we could invite the candidates to put their biographies and views on the Democracy Net ( We called the state Office of Elections to get the names and addresses in computer-readable form, which we received by email.

Earlier, the Hawaii manager of Dnet, Andrea Dean, and I had agreed to split the mailings to the candidates. Andrea is on Maui and is covering Maui candidates fully with a questionnaire and voters guide in the Haleakala Times.

Jackie Parnell spent many hours manipulating the address list into mailing labels and letters to the candidates inviting them to participate in Dnet by emailing us their email address. I got into the office early Monday morning to find a stack of letters already printed and mailing labels ready for envelopes. Charles Carole and I folded, stuffed, pasted and sealed.

The response to these letters has been gratifying. So far 33 candidates have asked for passwords giving them access to their areas on Dnet. Do check out to see how they've used this service.

Coinciding with the dnet mailings, a special mailing to Honolulu City Council candidates took place. As well as inviting the candidates to participate in dnet, this mailing requested answers to specific questions of interest to the Honolulu League. The "Know Your Candidates" publication you received is the result of the effort. The answers are posted on dnet and are on our web page.

Even before the filing deadline, Olelo public access television asked the League to help them with "Candidates in Focus" and "Candidates Debate". These two projects took many hours of phone calls and meetings. Details on these programs are elsewhere in this issue.

Mahalo to volunteers Luree Hays, Malia Schwartz, Piilani Kaopuiki, Ann Todd, Carolyn Golojuch, Edna Shoup and Nora lurch for assisting the taping of Oahu candidates. This year 160 candidates were taped in 3 weeks.

Pearl Johnson

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