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A Report from the National Convention

The League of Women Voters of the United States met in Miami Beach this year and I was Hawaii's delegate. The convention was interesting but I cannot say I enjoyed city -- weather, people, etc. I have put together a green folder containing much of the convention materials and it is in the office for anyone who wishes to look for more information

After a round of caucuses about everything from Study Circles to Florida campaign reform it was fascinating to attend a presentation by the Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, Paula Dobriansky, on the US Role in future of Afghanistan. She said that the local women want to determine the speed and manner of changes themselves so positive cultural and religious influences can be considered. This will enhance acceptance of the changes. They don't want changes imposed upon them by outside people, countries or other organizations.

Awards banquets and business meetings were interesting with budget woes leading the concerns. National has been eating into the reserve/ principal. They blame this on the recession and decline in the stock market impacting foundations, donors and members. Cost efficiency efforts were made last year that they expect to continue this year. Raising the Per Member Payment each local league sends to the national organization will help increase revenue.

The 2003 council will be held in Washington DC June 7-9. The 2004 convention will be in Washington DC on June I1-15.

Malia Schwartz

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