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September 2002 - Know Your Candidates

September 2002

Honolulu City Council Candidates
Elect Your Councilmember on Primary Day?
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Elect Your Councilmember on Primary Day?

On September 21 there is a real possibility that one or more Honolulu City Councilmembers may be elected outright. But, isn't that just a primary election where we choose the candidates for the November election? You bet it is. However, since the Council elections are nonpartisan, no party primary is necessary.

Referring to the September election, the City Charter says, "any candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast for that office shall be deemed elected." Charter Section 13-116 City Elections. This means that a candidate who manages to gather half the votes plus one is the winner - in September. If no candidate receives the majority of votes, then "the names of the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes" will be on the ballot in November.

In the primary election, the names of the Council candidates for each district will be listed on a section of the ballot sheet titled Special Nonpartisan Offices Ballot. This section, which is white, will also include a long list of School Board candidates.

Other races on the September ballot are by political party in special color-bordered sections. We can vote in one colored section and in the white section, the Special Nonpartisan Offices Ballot. The Council races will be at the bottom of the white section.

So check it out. Be sure you find the City Council white box to participate in selecting your Councilmember.

LWV- Honolulu

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