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Hawaii Pro-Democracy Initiative LegiWatch 2003
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Hawaii Pro-Democracy Initiative LegiWatch 2003

The Hawaii Pro-Democracy Initiative (HPDI) is a group of self described "do-gooders" organized to promote a good government agenda and encourage citizen participation in making government work. Legiwatch 2003 is being organized to monitor the actions of the 2003 Hawaii State Legislature for compliance with the basic rules of democracy including open government, respect for citizens, and timely notice of hearings and decision-making. The end product of this project will be a report card on the Legislature, its members, and especially, its committees, to be issued at the end of the session. Funding for this project is being processed by the League of Women Voters of Honolulu Education Fund.

HPDI President Robin Loomis and Monitoring Chair Jackie Parnell are recruiting volunteers to help with this effort. There are two ways to participate. The first is by observing committees. This is for people who are already planning to attend a hearing. Score cards will be available in the Public Access Room at the Capitol and can be dropped off at a designated area later (or faxed or mailed or sent to the HPDI hpdinitiative@hotmail.com).

The other way to participate is by reporting on individual legislator. HPDI would like to find two or three people in every district who will follow their representatives in action.

The scorecards are modeled on those used in consumer satisfaction surveys where you can rate the service on a scale of one to five, from poor to excellent. Hotels always ask us how we liked our stay, what was good, what was bad, would we come back again? The Legislature never asks us how we like their service so we are doing it for them. Please let me know if you want to join us. You can call me at home (394-2228) or work (593-8331) or email me at krplan@hgea.org.

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