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Annual Meeting
President's Message (Pearl Johnson)
Planning and Transportation Meeting
Honolulu City Council will honor League member Astrid Monson
Welcome New Members
In My Opinion... No Need to Raise Property Taxes (Charles Djou)
Proposed Program for Adoption at the Annual Meeting
Traffic Reduction (Charles Carole)
Nominating Committee Report
National LWV News
Tales of Two Cities (Charles Carole)
Proposed Budget for Year Ending March 31, 2004

April 12, 2003
Tree Tops Restaurant at the old Paradise Park

9:00 a.m.- Noon

9:30 short business meeting
10:00 Initiative and Referendum Concurrence
Discussion and Position-Taking
Bring "Initiative and Referendum Revisited"
(Orange covered publication sent to members in February)

Noon - Buffet lunch

Featuring Councilmember Ann Kobayashi
& past Councilmember Duke Bainum
Discussing the financial state of our city as well as mass transit

$16 per person See details on page 2

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