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— Cliff Slater, Honolulu Advertiser Columnist and Cheryl Soon, Director of the City's Department of Transportation Services, were panelists for the American Society of Civil Engineers February 28th Town Hall meeting on Renewing America's Infrastructure. Mr. Slater proposed congestion or road pricing to reduce traffic in the downtown Honolulu that would be more effective than in-town Bus Rapid Transit System with its exclusive lanes. London, England has started this program, relying on a network of video cameras to take repeated pictures of the license plate of any car that enters the congestion zone. The images are fed into computers that will match the license plates of those cars photographed against a list of drivers who have paid for the trip. The Mayor of London expects this system to cut traffic by 10 to 15 percent and lead to a 25 percent reduction in traffic delays. The project revenue would go to the London treasury. In the case of Honolulu, it would go to the City. Ms. Soon said that the in-town Bus Rapid Transit would have the same effect.

Charles Carole

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