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Welcome New Members


At our first board meeting with our two new directors, Marsha Joyner and Carolyn Golojuch, it was evident that new energy has entered the Honolulu Board. The need for new members was an urgent topic of discussion and Carolyn asked for membership applications to pass out as she makes her rounds. Then she made sure that each board member took some applications so they could recruit, too.

When I tell new acquaintances that I'm president of the Honolulu League of Women Voters, they invariably tell me what a wonderful organization we are. Yet that respect does not translate into new members. Then I'm told that all voluntary organizations are going through the same drop in membership and participation.

Why? I don't want to subject you to another discussion of the lack of civic participation and everyone's perceived lack of time. I just want to urge every member to try to get a friend to join the League of Women Voters.

When people ask me what the League does, I say we try to keep government honest. That's a very short way of saying we try to make the government enforce the laws calling for protection of open space and agricultural lands, protection of our coast, open and honest decision-making by our elected officials and their appointees-all the things League has been striving to do.

The other new director, Marsha Joyner, came up with a great project to increase League's visibility: a workshop to share our expertise in an area yet to be decided. (Tell us what you think would be a good topic.) The workshops would be held where political activists gather, such as the political conventions and wherever else a suitable audience gathers.

The need for new members is urgent. Please cut out the application in this Voter on page 4 and give it to a friend.

Pearl Johnson

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