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A decade ago, only two states had legalized gambling. Today, every state except Utah and Hawai'i has some form of legalized gambling and 38 have lotteries.

As the $50-billion industry has grown, so has its participation in the political process. Contributions to the federal candidates and political parties from gambling interest have increased 500 percent, to over $900 million. The gambling interest is one of the fastest growing special-interest groups on Capital Hill.

The American Gaming Association was founded in July 1995. "We have been urging our companies to get involved in the political process to protect their industry and livelihood", said Frank Fahrenkopf, former chair of the Republican National Committee and head of the American Gaming Association.

What happens with all of the money that the gambling industry contributes?

This troubling question raised by many, many campaign contributions is the one reason the League of Women Voters has been campaigning for finance reform since the early 1970's.

2004 is an election year. All of the State House of Representatives and half of the Senate will be up for reelection, as will Senator Daniel K. Inouye and Congressmen Case and Abercrombie.

Hawai'i being one of only two states without legalized gambling; the gambling industry will surely pour more money then ever into Hawai'i. Our task grows bigger everyday. Join the Gambling Coalition forces today. Call Marsha at 536-3811 or Grace at 988-3532.

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