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JULY 1st--Transit saga started when the bus fare was increased to meet the FY2003-04 reduced budget for the transit system with planned reduction in the bus schedule in June and August 2003. This would result in a lay off of some bus drivers.

AUG. 5th--Bill 53 was introduced in the City Council to again raise fares to prevent the scheduled reduction in bus service and employment lay off.

AUG. 8th--U.S. Dept of Transportation accepted the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) with a thirty-day comment period ending Sept. 8th. City Dept of Transportation Services (DTS) has made a change in the FEIS with the introduction of the BRT Initial Operating Segment (IOS), a 5.6mile transit route between Aala Park and Waikiki.

Originally in Draft EIS, the in-town BRT routes were proposed to run from Middle Street and end either at Waikiki or at UH University. In the new IOS route DTS has reduced its use of BRT exclusive lanes and propose more semi-exclusive lanes for BRT vehicles, public buses and private vehicles making right turns only. This scheme limits the number of mixed traffic lanes for all vehicles. In a compromise, DTS will allow private buses and trolleys in Waikiki to use semi-exclusive lanes.

AUG. 25th--City Council passed its Bill 53 on second reading with major fare increases to restore $6.8 million, so there will be no need to cut bus service, no driver lay-off and no cuts in workers benefits.

AUG. 26th--STRIKE began over salary increases. In-bound traffic to the downtown is slow, but the in-town traffic throughout the day is fairly good without the buses. The transit riders are those who suffer the most. The malls and shopping areas have only car users, pedestrians and bicyclists. Commuters are now adapting without the bus system.

AUG. 27th--The Governor at the Mililani Town Meeting announced that she will make her recommendations for Oahu transportation system in November.

SEPT. 5th-- The City Council Transportation Committee holds a special meeting on the BRT system evaluation.

The transit saga will probably continue for many years based on its effectiveness and cost.

Charles Carole

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