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Action Needed Now to Support Clean Air

The Bush Administration unveiled a plan late in 2002 that would substantially weaken public health and environmental protections under the clean air Act, while doing nothing about global warming. Dubbed the "Clear Skies" initiative, the pollution plan is now being pushed in congress by industry lobbyists and Administration officials. Please contact your Senators today urging them to oppose efforts to weaken or delay implementation of the clean air Act.

For over three decades, the Clean Air Act has worked to cut air emissions at the same time that the nation's economy has grown dramatically. The "Clear Skies" pollution plan, on the other hand, will move the country backward by delaying deadlines to meet the health standards in the Clean Air Act, relaxing pollution reduction requirements for power plants and other major pollution sources, and repealing protections for our national parks.

The Senate Committee on environment and Public Works is holding hearings on the Clean Skies" initiative, and as soon as they believe there is political support for undermining the clean Air Act, Senate leaders will take the legislation to the floor. Constituent pressure is needed now to block the administration's so-called "Clear Skies" proposal. Please, act today!

League of Women Voters US

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