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Primary Urban Center Development Plan (PUCDP)

The City Planning Commission is now reviewing the PUCDP after the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) had taken 7 years to develop it. The LWV of Honolulu had taken the position against the DPP proposed increasing housing units in apartment districts from 90 to 140 housing units per acre. Recently, the DPP director at a City Council Planning Committee meeting admitted that the present zoning of 90 housing units per acre would allow the plan to reach its 2025 projected population.

The in-town neighborhood boards believe that the PUCDP has been developed around the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). DPP plans a reduced car use in the city where people shop at neighborhood stores and commute by foot, bicycle, BRT or local buses. The City seems to plan a multi-pronged campaign for the PUC to make driving as difficult as possible, hoping to force people onto transit. Their strategies include shrinking the road system by converting existing roadway capacity to bikeways, expanded sidewalks and exclusive transit lanes.

The City has the following strategies to densify in-town housing in apartment districts: 1. allowing buildings to cover the complete parcel, 2. reducing or eliminating front, back and side yard setbacks, 3. allowing additional floor area for multi-family housing, 4. reducing minimum parking requirements, and 5. counting parking spaces as housing floor area to encourage developers to build more housing units and less parking stalls.

The development plan has a proposed increase in the present PUC zoned hotel units in and outside of Waikiki in the form of small hotels or bed and breakfast units in single family and apartment districts. This plan may give the city the appearance of a mainland city.

Charles Carole

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