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President's Message

This is my last President's Message. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served for four years. Inevitably, I want to look back on those years. I will simply chronicle what I consider the important happenings without in any way taking credit for them. I know that many people have worked hard to make them happen.

League has entered the computer age, with two computers in the office, an up-to-date website (hi.lwv.org) and email (voters@macrevolution.com). In addition to the Macintosh, a Dell computer was given to us by the National League of Women Voters. Our financial records are computerized, thanks to Treasurer Malia Schwartz. We deliver voter information via the Democracy Network (dnet.org) before each election.

Our office has new carpet, replacing the bumpy old carpet which was impossible to vacuum. Since getting new carpet meant moving everything off the floor, we discarded what seemed like tons of paper and books while organizing files. We can now locate the histories of our fights for open space and against ill-conceived government projects, as well as old meeting minutes, newsletters and testimony.

Two big losses occurred in these four years. Astrid Monson was no longer able to chair the Planning and Zoning committee as she had done for decades. Her health problems kept her from contributing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the committee. Annie Kim was our membership chair and treasurer for years. She came to the office almost every day but had to retire because of health problems.

In the planning field, League helped to win the fight for the Ka Iwi coastline. The area from Sandy Beach to Waimanalo is now a park and safe from development. Not so successful was our fight against approval of hundreds of additional homes in Central Oahu. Castle and Cooke won approval of its Koa Ridge development from the state Land Use Commission.

The environment committee helped to pass the "Bottle Bill" which will go into effect soon. We should soon see dramatic drop in roadside litter. League provided much-needed support for the City's sewage sludge (now called biowaste) digester. We were among the few testifying for the digester, which was finally approved after 9 months.

Much to my dismay, membership is down. I wish I could have at least kept membership steady. I can't say I've had a rip roaring successful four years but I do thank you for giving me the chance to try. It has been a privilege to be president. I intend to stay involved with the League.

Pearl Johnson

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