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Have you wondered why some celebrated the education reform bill recently passed by the Legislature while others bemoaned that it wasn't real reform at all? Are you clear on the provisions of the act, and on what it is going to mean for public education in Hawaii? The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a meeting where two of the leading figures in the recent education debate, Roy Takumi and Laura Thielen, will be offering answers to these and other questions.

The meeting will not provide a debate but instead will feature the replies of both figures to a set of questions carefully devised by the League of Women Voters Education Committee to attempt to yield as much illumination of the two contrasting positions as possible. After both Takumi and Thielen have had a chance to respond regarding their own, and the opposition's program, the audience will have the opportunity to raise questions.

The two speakers were invited because of the roles they played in the last legislative session. Roy Takumi, chair of the House Education Committee, championed the majority party's bill which triumphed. Laura Thielen, a member of the Board of Education, was active in the Governor's CARE Committee, which offered the opposition plan for revising public school governance in Hawaii.

The meeting will take place on Saturday afternoon, June 26, at 2 pm, in the AAUW Residence, at 1802 Keeaumoku (just Makai of Nehoa). At that time of day, there should be plenty of on-street parking. The public is invited to attend.

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