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The Planning & Zoning committee will meet on July 22 at 11 am at the League office. Any member who is concerned about loss of agricultural land, loss of open area or any land use issue is invited to attend. If you have any questions about what the committee will be doing, please call Pearl Johnson, the newly appointed chair, at 537-5471.

Under Astrid Monson, the Planning & Zoning committee was one of the most active and visible of League's committees. It's truly sad that Astrid can no longer lead the committee. While coming up to Astrid's level is impossible, I hope that League can now be more active in monitoring and influencing land use.

One of the activities the committee may undertake is field trips to see the site of rezoning requests in order to assess the impact of the change. I anticipate that the committee will be testifying about such requests before the City Council.

I will be out of town from June 28 to July 19, but will welcome calls before or after that period.

Pearl Johnson

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