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Bus Rapid Transit Advances

In late June, the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (ONTO) Policy Committee met to decide if they would support the City's application for $20 million in federal funds to construct the in-town Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)-Initial Operation System (IOS). The in-town BRT would run from Downtown to Waikiki.

The Policy Committee, comprised of State and City officials, heard public testimonies, but the most interesting comment came from one of the committee members. Rod Haraga, State Transportation Director, said that the City doesn't have the State permission to use State highways for the Regional BRT from Kapolei to Iwilei.

The Regional BRT is dead at this time. The Ewa and Central Oahu residents can't get any benefit from the construction of the in-town BRT segment unless they want to save 2 minutes on their Downtown-Waikiki trip, according to the City's Final Environmental Impact Statement.

However, the Committee voted 6-4 to support the City's application for the federal funds with the proviso that all federal funds must only be spent on construction and not on design.

Charles Carole

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